RCA at Horizon Office Park

RCA Photo 1-G2, C1, C2 Manufacturing RCA design overview

Corporate, Manufacturing

Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

400,000 SF, 4 phases
50,000 SF office with 350,000 SF manufacturing

Location : Mt Laurel, NJ
Cost :$ 7.0 M
Completion : 1986 Designed




Phase I composed of office (60,000 SF) for G.S.D. Headquarters and Plant (74,000 SF) for 2-line operations (electronic component assembly/shipping). Architecture: 4-sided silicon glazed curtain wall system for office area; precast insulated concrete panels reusable for building expansion; interior facilities including: reception and hospitality suite, conference/projection rooms, computer room, 200 offices and a 300 seat cafeteria; exterior promenade with reflecting pool used for storm water management. Engineering: Structural system to respond to future expansion, variable soil conditions, line operations And rigid curtain wall requirements; electrical systems including substation, battery/generator Back up, 8,000 AMP, 3 phase, 460 volt service, line operation flex power grid, lightening and Metal corrosion grid; mechanical including McQuay V.A.V. H/C system with Acutherm Differs in flex grid, 50 ton chiller system for Thrmatrons, flex grid for air, sprinklers (Halon) and plumbing.

FSVS Program: Automated retrieval of electronic parts from storage for robotized assembly in circuit boards to conveyer line for manual assembly and testing using solder, aqua cleaner, dip coater to overhead drying/testing conveying system to storage/shipping.

COMSEC Program: Automated retrieval of electronic parts from storage to 275 manual work benches for manual assembly to testing stations and a burn-in room equipped with 20 Thermation chambers to storage/shipping