Quotron Systems/Amex at Horizon Office Park

Quotron Amex Photo 1-G2, C1 Renovation 1 exterior side


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

120,000 SF, 2 buildings with offices & data farm

Location : Mt Laurel, NJ
Cost :$ 7.0 M
Completion : 1989 Designed



Due to tenant lease termination during initial construction, client required DRCA to “salvage” 4 sided silicon glass curtain wall panel system, pre-cast concrete panel system panels and structural steel framing from office/manufacturing facility to create 2 building flex-office system for Quotron Systems.  DRCA’s construction knowledge reused 80% of steel, 90% of curtain wall and pre-cast panel system producing the 2 building concept creating cost effective – “leasable” complex.  Quotron System facility’s 40,000 SF computer floored “data farm” and 20,000 Sf corporate offices required 1000 KW power and multi unit cooling system both with emergency back-up as well as Halon system with fire walls for containment. DRCA’s engineering coordination talents expedited “fast-track” construction coordination during Quotron Design Development Phase as well as Quoton’s “sister company” SIS designs for adjoining building. Converted to multi-corporate facility housing American Express Travel Services