Private Residence in Moorestown

Private Residence Moorestown Photo 1-G2, C1 rear rev


Architecture, Interior Design, Planning

 6,400 SF, 2 storey with 2 car garage
 on 2.0 acres

Location : Moorestown, NJ
Cost :$ 0.75 M
Completion : 1985



Township’s Victorian styles catalyzed design initiating use of 7 separate materials to comply with style rules:  brick, slate, wood, copper, marble, glass and tile.  Corner lot’s diagonal axis (north/south) established structures orientation (east/west).  Asymmetry commences on axis intersect with formal functions housed in split pyramid shape with monumental steps whose locus, a Palladian Window, accesses Grand Foyer with barrel vault hovering above double curvilinear staircases exiting at South facing window wall balcony which attaches to 2 bedroom suites with private baths.  The Master Suite contains platform-ed sleeping area adjoining covered balcony, barrel vaulted seating area with fireplace and French doo-red barrel vaulted seating area with fireplace and French door-ed barrel vaulted sauna.  Formal 20 seat dining area and living area with study and alcove library adjoin grand foyer on ground floor.  Den with bar and fireplace adjoin kitchen with walk in pantry.  A glass wall spills kitchen onto entertainment plaza. Salt box form completes 2 car garage and second floor guest quarters with private entrance.  Ground plane completes design with Grecian shaped perennial/flowering landscaping.
Design includes Multi zoned hydronic heating with booster electrical coil fans, full basement, exterior storage sheds, Jen-air appliances, Waterford chandeliers, security and burglar alarm system complete estate’s appointments.