Bank Office Building at Horizon Office Park

Bank Office Building Photo 1-G2, C1, C2


Architecture, Interior Design

 43,000 SF, 4 storey
 172 car park on 2.5 acres

Location : Mt Laurel, NJ
Cost :$ 6.3 M
Completion : 1986




Small mid rise building for transition to low rise buildings/adjoining projects required to address smaller office sizes and displaying prominent regional bank, all limited to narrow width site within 360 acre corporate park.  Glass pillars support massive cascading glass soffit office area to shelter white grid-ed repetitive solid bank entry to “Pie Shaped” bank form with colonnaded wing drive thru lanes.  Shear monolithic glass side walls use narrow site opportunity to reflect adjoining projects and lead to revealed three storey glass and gray tiled accent wall highlighting balconied office entry.  Polished aluminum plank ceilings, soft vinyl-ed walls, granite paved floors, wall sconce lighting, cascading soffit-ed bank ceiling, 4 sided silicon glazed curtain wall system, “Low Bounce” composite floor system, V.A.V. H/C system and card keyed entries complete building accents.  

Additional Clients:  Chattin and McGrath, Auto Management Systems